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IT Outsourcing Services

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New4U System has been provided integrated IT support  with over 10 years experiences in Singapore and partnerships having expertise in each area. We can aware of difference on IT environment between Korea and Singapore and know how to cover up the gab with customized service.

Furthermore, we put best effort to minimize Down-Time & failure on IT infrastructure with SLA(Service Level Agreement)


Service Procedure


Service Procedure


  1. IT Management Services
    • Provide management of outsource personnel
    • Change Control Management
  2. System Services
    • System administration of the server
    • Monthly Health and Activities Status check
    • Restoration of data, OS in the event of system failure
  3. Network Services
    • Network equipment monitoring, responding to alerts and errors
    • Troubleshoot and resolve any network issue.
    • Application of patches and security fixes according to Change Control Request
    • Periodic Performance tuning to ensure Network Traffic flow is optimized
  4. IT Operations Services
    • Assisting procurement of all IT related equipment and accessories based on request from end user following Korea Investment and Securities Singapore Procurement procedure
    • Perform physical asset verification
    • Manage and maintain all relevant IT devices
    • Compile end user feedback and survey
  5. Desktop Services
    • Execute all Change Control request
    • Coordinate hardware replacement
    • Support through phone for all end users including Overseas and Remote sites
    • Perform Hardware fault resolution, which includes
    • Local Desktop security implementation



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